HP Present Updates New PC All-In-One Pavilion More Stylish

The new school year has arrived, so that's the momentum used by HP to peddle the upgrades of its flagship all-in-one (AIO) product line to the market recently.

Teknologi Smartphone The new school year has arrived, so that’s the momentum used by HP to peddle the upgrades of its flagship all-in-one (AIO) product line sepakbola to the market recently. Instead of focusing on a single task, the retool system it presents is said to be flexibly configured to handle operations, even gameplay.

According to Kevin Frost, who currently serves as vice president and general manager, Consumer Personal Systems, Displays & Accessories at HP, it is keen to bring the PC Pavilion All-in-One PC update that will facilitate the needs of its loyal customers in getting the features and The corresponding ability to be the perfect family PC reference overall.

Speaking of AIO PCs, display support is arguably the most important and irreplaceable aspect that becomes a unified whole within. The HP Pavilion 24 and Pavilion 27 PC AIOs presented this time have been equipped with an edge-to-edge touch screen, with 1080p FHD resolution support on the HP Pavilion 24 and also offers optional upgrades to 4K on the HP Pavilion 27. Each existing display panel uses In-plane switching (IPS) with double-laminated dual speakers tuned using B & O Play at the bottom.

On the performance side of the kitchen, HP provides two processor support options namely the 7th generation Intel Core i series and also AMD A12, which is collaborated with integrated graphics support both in it and even HP offers upgrades to the discrete Radeon 530 GPU for those who love casual games . Specially updated AIO systems this time, consumers will also get 12GB DDR4-2400 RAM, 1TB or 2TB storage with or without 16GB Intel Optane Memory, and DVD burner.

Both HP AIO PCs also have an enhanced privacy system with camera options and a reliable facial recognition software that is able to help users stay safe on-line. Not only can disable the onboard microphone so that voice chat remains private, the switch support that judi poker online covers the webcam when not in use was also able to ensure that other unauthorized parties will not be able to see or record anything that users do in the system.

Port selection is quite right here. Each of the existing Pavilion AIO models is equipped with two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, one USB type 3.1 port, and two USB 2.0 ports. The absence of Ethernet port support for cable connections, allowing users to rely only on Internet access via Wifi and Bluetooth® 4.2 M.2 combo. In addition, dual HDMI port (input and output) ports on the device can be user-empowered to deliver the highest possible display quality. In order to menggeber sales of its products, HP reportedly has membanderol ranks of the latest Pavilion with a range from $ 750 (± 9.9 million dollars).

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