Rayakan Tahun Ayam China dengan Kung Fu Rooster Slots

Game online Kung Fu Rooster, Rilis Baru dari Game Realtime sekarang, The Year of the Rooster kita disini dan RealTime Gaming sedang merayakannya dengan merilis Kung Fu Rooster Slots.

Slot online baru ini di Old Havana Casino memiliki tema yang indah dengan perhatian terhadap detail yang tak tertandingi. 2017 adalah tahun si Ayam! Menurut kalender zodiak Cina, ayam jantan merupakan keberanian, kebebasan dan dia membawa keberuntungan. Pemain bisa bertaruh dari 8 sen sampai $ 1 per baris untuk setiap putaran. Kung Fu Rooster memiliki lima gulungan dan 12 garis gaji. Kung Fu Rooster poker online menawarkan kemungkinan taruhan 50.000x yang luar biasa dan banyak hadiah lainnya seperti 25 spin gratis. Jika pemain menyentuh fitur free spin, multiplier yang disebut Fire Claw Multiplier dapat diaktifkan dan memberi penghargaan kepada pemain dengan taruhan 25x.

Mainkan Kung Fu Rooster Slots di Old Havana Casino

Kung Fu Rooster game online dapat dimainkan dengan uang sungguhan di Old Havana Casino dan memiliki tanggal rilis 19 Juli. Pemain yang baru bergabung dengan pemain Old Havana Casino akan menikmati bonus selamat datang 250% yang murah hati, jadi cobalah Kung Fu Rooster hari ini! Kung Fu Rooster adalah permainan yang liar, dan monyet yang menggemaskan itu tersebar. Ketika tiga atau lebih monyet mencoret-coret di gulungan, pemain diberikan putaran gratis dan kesempatan untuk hadiah yang lebih besar lagi! Pemain dapat menikmati permainan instan beresolusi tinggi dan hiburan berkualitas yang tak tertandingi dari game slot baru dan mutakhir ini. Rayakan tahun ayam jantan dengan Kung Fu Rooster yang funky dan teman-temannya. Good Luck dan happy gaming!

ASUS ROG G701VIK, High Performance Notebook Gaming (Page2)

Convenience, if viewed at a glance, it seems that the keyboard and the completeness of the G701VIK looks similar to the one in ROG GX700. The keyboard uses a chiclet with a total size of 37 x 10.5 cm, and a red backlight whose brightness level can be adjusted up to three levels. The G701VIK also has five macro buttons on the top left of the keyboard board which can be set via ROG Gaming Center. When pressed, the buttons on the keyboard feels light and comfortable. Her voice is not noisy.

The form of touchpad measuring 12 x 6.5 cm on ROG G701VIK is rather trapezoidal. When used, the response rate is so high that the cursor can be controlled accurately. Smart Gesture feature has also been installed on the touchpad so that it can recognize four fingers at once for various activities. Both buttons on the large touchpad brings make it easy to reach.

ROG G701VIK has a unique cooling design that prevents dust from entering the inside of notebook components. As a result, with this cooling technology G701VIK can last longer and increase the stability of the notebook. As is known that the problem of dust in the notebook is not a problem as well as dust that accumulate can be a problem that reduces the performance of the components.

The notebooks priced at IDR 65,299,000 per unit also have a separate cooling section for GPU and CPU making it more effective to cool each component. The cooling process is to remove heat through the vents found on the back of the notebook. Removal of hot air towards the rear also makes the user more comfortable while playing the game online compared with ordinary notebook that exhaust heat to the left, right or bottom of the notebook.

Conclusive evidence

For more detailed reviews, Kotga Crew also provides benchmark results from ROG G701VIK 3DMark (Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme, Fire Strike Ultra), Cinebench to discover rendering capabilities, and CrystalDiskMark to test data processing capabilities.

From the results of the benchmark above, it seems that ROG G701VIK is intended for heavyweight gamers and creators who need high performance computer devices. The ultimate use of advanced components, from Intel Core i7-7820HK processors, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GDDR5 8GB graphics, 64GB of DDR4 RAM and NVMe-based storage media installed under RAID 0 conditions, makes any game apps “slaughtered” without problems.

Thus the Kotga Crew review for ROG G701VIK. Overall, Kotga crew rate that the performance of this notebook gaming is very satisfactory. There is no problem with the display and its performance in general. Moreover, users can overclock on this notebook easily without the need to install additional programs to maximize its performance, simply access the ROG Gaming Center via the button logo ROG, you can set the main work components on this notebook freely.