The 10 Most Suitable LINE Games Play On Relax

Online Game LINE is a popular messaging app that allows users to send different types of text, voice, image, video, or voice calls for free. Line became popular among gadget users since its launch in mid-2011.

You are a LINE user? Do not just use for chatting or communication only. LINE also has a collection of exciting games that you can play with your Line account, loh. Call it the game Let’s Get Rich is so popular among LINE users. However, in addition to Let’s Get Rich, developers of LINE Corporation also produce many other awesome games that you can play anytime. Here are 10 Games from LINE that match you

5 LINE Games that Match Play When Relax

1. LINE Bubble

Puzzle game from Line is really exciting and not boring though played many times. LINE Bubble is a simple game that assigns you to connect the same bubbles to make them break and collect points.

You can invite your fellow LINE users to play together or compete for the highest ranking. Be careful, do not let the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen so the game does not end.

2. LINE Pokopang

LINE Pokopang is a simple and addictive puzzle game. You just need to help a cute character named BONI and his family and friends to finish the puzzle and defeat the monsters. How to combine more than 3 consecutive blocks and the same color. When the block is eliminated, it will fire the fruits to get rid of the monsters.

3. LINE I Love Coffee

In this game you will become an owner of a lavish and prosperous cafe crowded with visitors. You can manage your kafemu at will. Your job is to make the amulet coffee with various recipes with the waiters to satisfy the customers. There are various types of coffee such as Caramel Macchiato, Espresso, American coffee and so forth. Remember, do not let any disappointed customers and leave the cafe huh!


LINE also has a role player or RPG game with unique and cute characters LINE. Here you will turn into Rangers and go save the character kidnapped by foreign troops. Create your own team with over 400 funny characters. Join poker online in a fierce battle with equipment and arena that you can choose yourself. If the battle is too difficult, you can call a friend to get help.

5. LINE Cookie Run

LINE Cookie Run takes you into the world of cute and cute Cookies. As a cookie, you must defeat the evil wizard before he slams you in the oven and makes you a good dinner. Walk, jump and shift to save yourself. You can play with friends LINE game online users for a more exciting game.