SEGA’s ‘The Revenge of Shinobi’ Classic Game Can Now Be Played On Android

Classic Game The development of games on mobile role is indeed growing rapidly, and this is the reason for SEGA to present the SEGA Forever initiative. That way, Android device users can play the old game titles SEGA launched several years ago when the SEGA console was booming. Now one title of the famous SEGA game is also incorporated in SEGA Forever, The Revenge of Shinobi.

Although some games can not run smoothly, but this remains a good news for those who want to reminisce with the game. The Revenge of Shinobi is a 2D side-scrolling free game poker online that can be played with a Bluetooth controller and allows players to play offline like other titles in the classic game collection.

In this game has been equipped with four levels of difficulty, from beginner to master Ninja, as well as eight districts, each with a battle against a unique boss. Throughout the game, players will be able to gather shuriken to defeat enemies from afar and discover hidden power-up secrets at various levels of the game. Because this game can be played for free, so do not be surprised if you will find various ads during the game run. But you can get rid of ads by paying for them if they’re too annoying. Can not wait to try? You can download it through the sepakbola Google Play Store.